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Use Case – Federating Office 365 with Provisioning – Workspace One Access

I had to configure this in a PoC for a customer and I know this is not a standard configuration but yes really useful for testing in your lab or use if your customer don’t have Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) in place. You have already seen this blog post, which cover this configuration

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Getting Starting with Workspace One Access

I’m a big fan of Workspace One Access, which is part of Workspace One UEM and VMware Horizon licenses. This solution makes our life even better if you or your company is using SaaS based applications, virtual desktop, application virtualization or even internal sites (intranet, SharePoint, etc). I personally like the quotes coming from VMware

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TrueSSO Getting Error – Enrollment CertState: NOT_VALID

I was in charge in a PoC for a customer which their use case was a simple one, but took a couple of time for me to solve it based on the following error: Enrollment CertStat: NOT_VALID. Use Case: Use TrueSSO to access a Active Directory application using RADIUS authentication. If you’re not familiar with

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