Configuring AzureAD Connect to Federate Azure AD Domain

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Ok, so you might be following the steps to configure your first AzureAD Connect using my previous post, Am I right?

(If I’m wrong, just click here and check what you’ve missed).

Now it’s time to configure your ADFS using Azure AD Connect for Federating Office 365. Let’s check what you need to do.

Azure AD Connect – Manage Federation

On your Windows Server (the one you’ve installed AzureAD), open Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect and click on Configure.

Select the Manage federation option and click on Next.

You may receive the information to specify your primary server. Click on Next to make this first.

On Server management task step, select Specify primary server for the currently-configured farm. Click on Next.

On Overview of task, review the information and click on next.

Connect to the AD FS using your active directory username and password. Click on Next

Type your Primary server (FQDN or IP) – I prefer FQDN

Click on Add.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect will start verifying your server connectivity.

You server has been validated. Click on Exit

Now it’s time to start over again. Click on Configure.

Select Manage Federation and click on Next.

Ok, now we’re on the step to Manage federation so select Federate Azure AD domain. Click on Next.

Type your Azure AD global administrator credentials. Click on Next after that.

You’ll need to type your username and password from AD FS credentials to configure federation services. Click on Next.

Select your Domain. In my case, it’s showing Click on Next.

Azure AD trust page will appear. Review the information and click on Next.

Ready to configure will start checking for installed components.

Go ahead and click on Configure.

It will take a while for configuring all services.

Updating Azure AD relying party trust step.

Configuration has been completed! Just click on Exit.

With that, you have your AzureAD Connect federated along with ADFS.

Many configuration you can use for now on. Stay sharp.

Enjoy the ride!

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