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Horizon Service Plane – How to Configure On-Premises Capacity – Part 2

If you’re here it means that you’re accomplished with the following configuration steps from my previous blog post, deploying Horizon Connector into your On-Premises infrastructure. Moving on our configuration, your appliance should be at the following state, according picture below. Before configure our appliance we need to make two simple (but important) actions: 1- Set

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Horizon Service Plane – How to Configure On-Premises Capacity – Part 1

I have customers which moved into Horizon Universal License, according my previous blog post, and in some cases those customers still need to keep using Horizon On-Premises and come across with the following question: How to configure Horizon Service Plane using my On-Premises Horizon infrastructure? To make it easier crystal clear, these are the steps

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Horizon Service Control Plane – Where’s my License Key?

You might be asking right now: I did move to Horizon Subscription license and I’m missing my licenses when I access MyVMware portal. So, where’s my license key? Different from previous licenses you’ve acquired from VMware in the past, within this service you don’t receive a license to be used like a perpetual configuration way.

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