Getting Citrix Cloud Authentication when Configuring VMware Integration Broker? Let’s Solve This!

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Let me guess, you’re trying to configure Citrix Integration using Workspace ONE Access and on Integration Broker you’re facing a Citrix Cloud Credentials? This is an awkward situation (even if you’re not using Citrix Cloud at this moment). So… how to solve this??

Probably you’re following this VMware Docs where you need to install first Citrix Studio and after that install Citrix PowerShell SDK on the Integration Broker Server. But right after you running the following command (below), when trying to get desktops configured for Citrix Delivery Controller, you’re getting that Citrix Cloud authentication page.

# Get desktops configured for Citrix Delivery Controller
Get-BrokerDesktopGroup -AdminAddress CitrixDeliveryController
Citrix Cloud Authentication Page

To solve this, you just need to set the Citrix Authentication and point the profile type to On-Premises. Just type this command right before you add Citrix PSSnapin:

# Set Citrix Authentication to On-Premises
Set-XDCredentials -ProfileType OnPrem

Now you’re ready to continuing following this VMware Docs to configure your Integration Broker.

Enjoy the Ride.

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