Need a Microsoft 365 Account for Testing in your Lab?


If you’re like me, which have a lab environment for testing configurations for studying or to achieve a certification, understand a new use case for a customer or even help troubleshooting some questions you come across in the field, you know in some cases you will face Microsoft Office 365 use cases, which is widely used nowadays.

So thinking about this, it’s time to share with you how to setup a Microsoft 365 Developer Program account, which gives you the ability to test everything you need to solve some trick questions about federation (WS-Fed) questions, service provider, identity provider, authentication, authorization, etc.

Just follow the steps below and opt-in.

1- Join Microsoft 365 Developer Program

Microsoft allows you to create a developer account to help you develop your solutions and integrations, which is a great way for you to start learning more towards Microsoft world.

Your first step is to access Microsoft 365 Developer Program website and join to get a free sandbox for your testing purpose.

This Microsoft Docs page provides all information you will need to fill to create your Developer Program account.

2- Set up a Microsoft 365 Developer subscription

Once you complete all forms required in the previous step and have your Microsoft 365 Developer account, you’re all set to create you subscription in order to use Office 365 E5 Developer subscription, which is nice =o) .

All you need to do is to create a username and domain, followed by the domain, filling the blanks like the picture below.

As soon you finish creating your account, you’ll be redirected to the Admin Center, where you can personalize your sign-in and email address, followed by adding new users to this environment.

As you can see in the picture below, you’ll have your detail accounts, which brings to you:

  • Your E5 subscription;
  • 25 users licenses to use in your test;
  • 92 days for testing purpose (in my case, I still have 46 days);

Kicking off your credentials and accordingly access, you’ll be able to proceed with some tests into your lab or proof of concept.

Enjoy the ride!

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