How to Add your Domain into Office 365?

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If you saw my previous post explaining how to create an Office 365 account for testing purpose, your next question at this point might be: How can I create my domain into Office 365?

Just follow the steps below to configure it properly!

New Domain Using Microsoft Admin Center

First access your Microsoft Admin Center page and type your onmicrosoft account and password, followed by Microsoft MFA (in case you have it).

When you’re logged, go to the let plane and click on Show All.

You can see under Settings the option Domains.

If you have only one domain, your page should be like mine:

Important: If you’re looking for using this domain for Office 365 Federation purpose, you have to create another domain once you’re not able to perform WS-Fed using domain.

Click on Add Domain

Write down your domain name

In my case, I’m using my domain. If this is not your case, your domain should have the following configurations included into your External DNS server:

  • External Valid Domain Name (e.g.;
  • Add a TXT record into your domain’s DNS;
  • Add a MX record to the domain’s DNS records (in case you can’t add a TXT one);
  • Or add a text file to the domain’s website;

I’ll follow using my WordPress domain for this blog post but the process is very similar if you’re using your external Domain name.

Microsoft will add your DNS records automatically.

The following changes will be done into your domain:

  • MX – Mail Exchanger Record
  • TXT – Text Record
  • CNAME – Canonical Name

As soon everything is set properly, you’ll see the Domain setup complete page.

As you can see, now your domain name (in my case, is properly configured and is automatically set as Default.

As this point, you’re ready to use your domain into Microsoft Office 365 for federation purpose.

I’ll have other blog posts showing some use cases using VMware Workspace One Access in order to work with Microsoft Office 365 Domain Federation purpose.

Enjoy the ride!

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