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Horizon Cloud on Azure – Blog Series – Quota

Hello everybody! I’m glad you’re here again! At this point, you might be aware about your Microsoft Azure access, privileges and you have access to the console within properly roles assigned for you. So let’s check Quota and why is this an important step towards establish your Horizon Cloud on Azure environment. Understanding Quota Quota

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Horizon Cloud on Azure – Blog Series – Access and Privileges

If you’re new on Microsoft Azure, you’ll need to have a valid subscription and specific administrative privileges in order to start setting properly your environment to receive Horizon Cloud on Azure. So let’s check what you need to cover: Subscription Everything starts with your Azure Subscription. This is the place where you can put all

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Horizon Cloud on Azure – Blog Series – Journey Begins Here

Every time I have a conversation with a customer and some times this ends up in a PoC for testing VMware Horizon running on Microsoft Azure, the following documentation is provided with an extended requirements in which customer needs to prepare its environment prior start testing it. Requirements list is well documented on this link.

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