Horizon Service Plane – How to Configure On-Premises Capacity – Part 1


I have customers which moved into Horizon Universal License, according my previous blog post, and in some cases those customers still need to keep using Horizon On-Premises and come across with the following question: How to configure Horizon Service Plane using my On-Premises Horizon infrastructure?

To make it easier crystal clear, these are the steps you need to do follow:

1- Access Horizon Service Plane

Open https://cloud.horizon.vmware.com and it will asks for your MyVMware account. Remember to log in using the account which has administrator role for this configuration.

VMware Horizon Cloud – Welcome Page

If this is your first time access, the following page will be presented to you:

Capacity Scenarios:

  • On-Premises
  • Add Cloud Capacity
Getting Started – Start Page

2- Download Horizon Cloud Connector

When you click into On-Premises option, a message will appear asking you to download and install Horizon Cloud Connector into your On-Premises environment.

The following link will be presented to you. We should download this OVA Appliance:

Horizon Cloud Connector – Virtual Appliance

Note: If you receive an error message with no access to download it, use the same My VMware account which received permission to access Horizon Cloud.

Once it’s downloaded, we need to deploy it using vCenter.

3- Requirements Prior Deployment


  • Create a Forward Record
  • Create a Reverse Record
  • Fixed IP Address

Internet Access – Proxy or Firewall Ports


  • Proxy Host
  • Proxy Port
  • Username
  • Password

Note: You can change this configuration later, just following this URL.

Firewall Ports

  • Review this link with detailed information regarding Firewall Ports and External URLs that need to be configure properly.
  • Horizon Connector will only have external access according the following diagram:
Diagram showing how a Horizon 7 pod connects to Horizon Cloud using the Horizon 7 Cloud Connector.
Copied from VMware Docs

4- Deploy OVF Template

Open your vCenter and right click into your vSphere Hypervisor to start deploying this OVA File

Select the OVF file you’ve downloaded from MyVMware portal.

Type the appliance name and select location in here

Select the compute resource to be used by Horizon Cloud Connector

Review details

Accept license agreements

Select your VMware Storage Policy

Select Network

Customize your template with Root Password, Proxy information and Networking Properties

Note: If you will not use Proxy and will configure it using Firewall Rules, you can leave Proxy information in blank.

Review your settings and start deployment

Once it’s deployed, start your Horizon Cloud Connector

It can take a while to finish some configurations.

When the configuration finishes, the following screen will be blue with information about our next step

To Be Continued…

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