Horizon Cloud on Azure – Blog Series – Access and Privileges

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If you’re new on Microsoft Azure, you’ll need to have a valid subscription and specific administrative privileges in order to start setting properly your environment to receive Horizon Cloud on Azure. So let’s check what you need to cover:


Everything starts with your Azure Subscription. This is the place where you can put all resources in Azure related to our principal task: Horizon Cloud on Azure.

Every resource you have controlled by Microsoft Azure is underneath your subscription: Virtual Machines, PostgreSQL, Load Balancer, Disk, Key vault, etc.

So it’s important to have your Subscription ID handy during Horizon Cloud on Azure settings.

Important: Some Microsoft Azure Regions do not support some important features needed during Horizon Cloud on Azure configuration. To check whether your location is one of these, please check this VMware KB.


Role-based access control is critical to manage a large company environment where everyone should have specific access or control over the subscription which will be used for Horizon Cloud deployment.

Ok but, how it works?

Microsoft have a step by step process on how to create your RBAC in a better way for you to manage your environment. Basically you need to following those steps below:

  1. Create a Security Principal (User / Group / Service Principal / Managed Identity);
  2. Role Definition (Owner / Contributor, Reader, etc);
  3. Set a Scope (Management Group, Subscription, Resource Group or Resource);
  4. Role Assignments

More information about it, please check this link where you can get valuable tips on how to properly create your RBAC for your use case or customer requirements.

Tip: We will create a Service Principal during Microsoft Azure preparation prior deploying Horizon Cloud on Azure.

So… What’s Next?

If you got it right and your access on Microsoft Subscription is done, it’s time to move on our next step, which is review your Quota.

Enjoy the ride!

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