Horizon Service Control Plane – Where’s my License Key?


You might be asking right now: I did move to Horizon Subscription license and I’m missing my licenses when I access MyVMware portal. So, where’s my license key?

Different from previous licenses you’ve acquired from VMware in the past, within this service you don’t receive a license to be used like a perpetual configuration way. The picture below shows how you’ll receive an email from VMware Horizon Service only informing that your account has been created into Horizon Service Control Plane and the license is associated within your subscription term period.

Screenshot example of the top portion of the Welcome email.
Example Template E-mail sent to a Customer

VMware is driving an important step into universal world, which gives you the capability to use some of the options below as a capacity resource for your Virtual Applications and Virtual Desktops, whatever makes more sense, choosing between On-Premises, Cloud or Hybrid scenario.

Picture from VMware presentation

With Horizon Universal License, you can desfrute with Cloud Monitoring Service (CMS), Lifecycle management capabilities and Universal Brokering, moving forward into a Multi-Cloud world.

If you have questions about this new license era, I encourage you to access this Q&A.

Enjoy your Universal Experience!

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