How to Use Workspace One UEM API? – Part II

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Hello EUC team! How are you today?

You might know at this point how to create your Rest API user and Key and how to use Workspace One UEM API in a simple way, right? If not, please check the previous posts to get in shape your skills before jumping in, ok?

Let’s exercise one of the requests I received by a customer of mine:

How can I know which Internal Applications I have into Workspace One UEM?

This is a nice use case for our REST API skills!! Here is how you can check this:

Open and log with your username and password before, always remember to make this

Go to MAM (Mobile Application Management) REST API V1 option and scroll down until you see InternalAppsV1. Let’s work with Internal Apps at this moment.

You can see there’re lots of options for us to select and use. Before starting browsing in all options, we need to AUTHORIZE with our API Service and Key before doing GET / POST / PUT actions.

You’ll see the following information to fill with your service and API_key created previously here and paste it into value field.

When you hit Authorize, you’ll be able to run REST API using your Key. Let’s get an example:

Checking Internal Applications

Let’s use the GET function followed by /apps/search to check internal applications. This is easy like this: Just fill with the information App and Internal and REST API will check all Internal Applications you have into your Workspace One UEM.

Let’s check the results of it: Under Response Body, you can see the Application Name, Application ID, ModelName, etc. All really good information we need in order to move forward with other REST API examples. If you scroll down, you can see all internal applications you may have into your environment.

Did you like it? Useful for your daily activities?

Enjoy the Ride!

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