How to Use Workspace One UEM API? – Part I


Following the blog series about API usage into Workspace One UEM, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen my previous post about How to Create REST API Key using Workspace One UEM, so you may have the following with you right now:

Environment URL

  • Note: In my case, I’m using cn258 which consist to Brazil Test Drive users. Your environment could be cn257, cn300, etc.

Service User

  • IAMAUSER (previously created)


  • Copy that (it’s a long one… don’t even try to type it!)

Where Do I Start?

VMware created a web site (using the same console you’re using right now), which you can start using, checking and understanding what are the possibilities using API and what can you do with them.

This is the URL:, which XXX means your environment (one again, in my case, I’m using cn258).

If you go to second upper tab, you can see APIs information you can use in a simple way

How to Log in?

Click into Log In which is into top right corner as you can see below:

Some information will appear for you to log in:

Username and Password

Type the same username and password you have to access your console. In my case, my username is td.tvalcesia and password is… well, you should know your password, not mine! =o)

If everything is ok, you should see your name in the upper right corner

Doing a Simple Check using REST API

To begin, let’s do a simple check into our Workspace One UEM environment using API. So follow this steps:

Click on System Management REST API V1

Select API Reference and scroll down until you get Info section

If you Hit Try Out, you can see the connection checking REST API and returning back to you the response code 200, which means your server is in a good way and working properly!

Note: Did you see there’s a curl command showing under Try Out button? If you’re command line guy, I’ll cover this later in this blog series.

In some operations, we will need to pass Service and API Key to make them in order to work our REST API command.

Enjoy the Ride and looking forward to see you on the next post!

2 comments on “How to Use Workspace One UEM API? – Part I”

  1. Hi Thiago,

    Nice article. Thank you very much.

    May I suggest to:
    * delete API Key references because in this Part 1, API Key are not needed.
    * decribe how to get API URL from all settings > … > Sites URL for On-premises customers.

    Best regards,


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