How to Create REST API Key using Workspace One UEM

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Hello there! This is the very beginning of a blog series about how to use API on Workspace One UEM activities. Some customers always make questions regarding “How to use API with Workspace One UEM?” “There’s a way to publish internal apps using only API?” “How can I check if my environment is working properly?” and so on…

So, to start this thread, we need first to create an API key for us to use during API commands. There’s only two steps to make that:

First Step

Log into your Workspace One UEM console.

Note: I’m using my TestDrive account for this activity. You can create yours also. Just access this URL and follow the steps to create your account:

Second Step

As soon you’re logged in, we need to create a new API key.

Go to Group and Settings and click on All Settings.

When the new page loads for you, on your left, click under System, Advanced, API and REST API.

You just need to click on ADD button to create a new REST API key. Give a name for your Service account (like mine, I created as IAMAPI. As soon you create this new service, you can see the API Key has been created for you as well.

Important: I just left the API Key for demonstration in here and the IAMUSER service account has been changed, for security reason. Pay attention when you create this kind of service because that’s an Admin account, ok?

With those steps, you now have the REST API Service account and your API key. We will need those for the following posts.

Enjoy the ride!

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