Joining #BlogtoberTech 2019 Team!

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This is an amazing opportunity to join #BlogtoberTech 2019 in a great momentum to spread message among other great guys around the world!

Thanks Matt Heldstab for starting this initiative back to 2017 following European idea to push harder Bloggers to (1) be known on the community and (2) to increase their production in the tech space. That’s the third year in a row #BlogtoberTech is alive! That’s great!

If you would like to get more information about this, check it out this link:

My spouse and I riding from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon in a Ultra H.D.

I liked the idea to ride with some friends (and pushed by Val as well), to show my EUC skills with you using #BlogtoberTech 2019

Also vMUG is sponsoring this great idea! If you don’t know vMUG (VMware User Group), please get involved on and @myvmug.

So thanks again for this opportunity and looking forward to have fun with you pals! Let’s start engine and power up!

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