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Understanding VMware Horizon Roles and Permissions

You have everything configured according your customer wanted, you are with you project manager and technical leader into cutover date and everything is running smoothly and efficiently. But, before starting you day 2 operations, you need to create and define roles and permissions in order to coordinate with the customer which person needs to have

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Understanding Command Line Tool for VMware Horizon (vdmutil.cmd)

Another great command line tool we can use into VMware Horizon environment is called vdmutil.cmd, which can be used to create, assign and manage URL content redirection between client and agent communication. You can check all the command related to vdmutil.cmd checking the latest documented version into VMware Docs website. As part of my study

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Allow/Block USB devices in VMware Horizon

In some cases, customers need to allow or block determined devices when user trying to connect a usb thumb drive into Virtual Machine or Application Virtualization. This is a tradicional question which I receive from lots of people. This post will explain how is the best way to configure simple tasks to allow/block USB devices

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