TrueSSO Getting Error – Enrollment CertState: NOT_VALID

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I was in charge in a PoC for a customer which their use case was a simple one, but took a couple of time for me to solve it based on the following error: Enrollment CertStat: NOT_VALID.

Use Case: Use TrueSSO to access an Active Directory application using RADIUS authentication.

If you’re not familiar with VMware TrueSSO and VMware Workspace One Access (formely VMware Identity Manager), I invite you to check those great blog posts from VMware:

During my research, I found some articles and a VMware KB showing possible ways why VMware Enrollment Server was not online.

So I start my troubleshooting:


  • Customer renewed CA Certificate in the past;
  • VMware Enrollment Server was able to request Certificate using TrueSSO Template previously created;
  • I used the True SSO Diagnostic Utility to gain visibility and I found the following, using the command line: vdmutil –authAs poweruser –authDomain virtual –authPassword ******** –truesso –environment –list –enrollmentServer es.virtual.lab –domain virtual.lab


Those were the steps I took for correct this problem:

  • Access pkiview.msc into customer ADCS:
  • Right click into Enterprise PKI and select Manager AD Containers;
  • On NTAuthCertificates, I were able to see only one certificate (old one);
  • Exported the new CA that has been created from ADCS and imported into this view:
  • Service has been restarted:

net stop certsvc && net start certsrv

Now customer was able to move forward into TrueSSO configuration steps:

I wish this solution can bring yours, in case you’re facing this kind of error as well.

Enjoy the ride!

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