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This is the first beginning of my blog post! So I may say, welcome to my world, THE EUC WORLD.

The main objective of this blog is not only spread my experience working with End User Solutions @VMware with you guys, but also sharing news, podcasts, YouTube channels and Webinars for leveraging your knowledge into virtualization area. Absolutely I’ll not publish only contents related to EUC (I’ll try to…).


Foto taken into VMware Office @Costa Rica (¡Pura Vida!)

When I had the opportunity to go to VMware Costa Rica site, during our Solution Engineering Week, my welcome reception was facing the “DARE” sign as a living picture which took my attention throughout that week.

Since I started working at VMware, I came across one of my responsibilities which were related to helping partners develop new opportunities, being a technical advocate to my customer and impact the community sharing my thoughts, my expertise and background earned during my 19 years of experience.

So here I’m, daring you as I’m being dared to sharing my fields tales to you.

Let’s swing by to my world and I wish you can enjoy it. Feedbacks are more than welcome! 

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