How to create a Windows 10 (64-bit) Virtual Machine with more than 128 GB?

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Hi there folks! As always, I’m here to bring you some of the questions you may have as I received from my customer this week. This time, once specific customer requested something out of a normal request:

“Why VMware cannot let me add a Windows 10 virtual machine with more than 128 GB RAM memory?”

As some of you, I have some of the information from VMware Configuration Maximums source learned by heart and I’m really sure the RAM limitation per virtual machine is 6128 GB.

So, why my customer is receiving this error when trying to configure a brand new virtual machine?

Let me explain why…

When you check the Maximum configuration from Microsoft Website, you can see the following information in the table below:

As you can see, Windows 10 Home has a limitation up to 128 GB of RAM memory, under 64-bit architecture. That’s why my customer was facing that warning message.

Workaround for this? Sure!

Create your virtual machine using Guest OS Other and Other 64-bit to avoid receiving this warning message.

If you’ve already created your virtual machine using 128 GB RAM, don’t worry. Just edit your virtual machine settings and change it to Other like the screenshot below:

Enjoy your ride to virtual machine up to 6TB RAM!

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